LONDON UK, 2 April 2019 – Privately-owned real estate investment company PPP Capital (PPP or Company) is proud to announce that it has won ‘Overall Best Landlord of the Year’ at this year’s Accreditation and Training for Landlords and Agents Services (ATLAS) awards. The annual awards are currently considered one of the most highly prized in the ‘Private Rented Sector’ with around 50 companies nominated for 12 different awards in 2019. This year, the event brought together over 500 landlords, agents, investors, housing professionals and VIP guests.

This year’s flagship conference and awards were focused on “challenges and opportunities in the private rented sector (PRS)” and welcomed industry leaders to offer their insights into the future of the niche sector and its role within the broader Property industry.

Currently, the UK’s real estate is estimated to be worth around £1.6 trillion and represents as much as 21% of total net wealth according to the British Property Federation (BPF). The sector contributes around £94 billion to the UK economy ever year with commercial real estate companies alone currently employing over 1 million people.

Sanjeev Patel, Managing Director of PPP Capital received the ‘Overall Best Landlord of the Year’ award from David d’Orton-Gibson, Award Ceremony Chair and CEO of Training for Professionals – the organisers of the LLAS/ATLAS Conference.

“It is a great honour to win the Best Landlord award because it validates our company strategy and our operational principles. At the very outset, I started PPP Capital to provide the facilities people want in their homes and to build relationships with tenants. This ranges from providing rudimentary accommodation for international students, all the way through to providing block-wide internet remote heating controls and smart technology that caters for modern tech-savvy residents,” said Mr Sanjeev Patel.

“I am incredibly proud of our team, and more importantly, how we look after our residents. This is illustrated by the fact the residents choose to stay with us for extended periods and renewing their tenancies year after year. Winning this award helps to validate our overarching strategy to provide flexibility in all our tenancy agreements and we’re always ready to listen when it comes to finding customised solutions, rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach,” Mr Patel said.

Award-winning property management

The ATLAS awards are an annual industry event organised by Training for Professionals, the largest provider of lettings legislation training to agents and landlords in England and Wales.

The formal awards ceremony was held on Friday 29 March at the Radisson Blue Portman Hotel in West London, hosted by British celebrity Shaun Williamson. Mr Williamson is best known for his acting role as Barry Evans on BBC soap EastEnders, as well as his multiple roles in theatre and stand-up comedy in the United Kingdom over the past 20 years.

The awards event also included keynote speakers such as Editor of Property Investor News Richard Bowser and Tax & Succession Planning Specialist Tony Gimple.

Richard Bowser said: “For property landlords and developers peering ahead into 2019 presents both risk and opportunities with the political drama of Brexit impacting the wider economy and consumer confidence. Recent data shows that landlords are exiting the market due to the tax changes via Section 24 while increases in Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) for second homes are also acting as a barrier to entry.”

One of the key talking points at the ATLAS event and a hot topic for both professional and corporate landlords was the ongoing issue of Brexit. The UK’s exit from the European Union continues to hang in the balance, while threatening to terraform the property sector for both landlords and tenants in residential and commercial markets alike.

Tony Gimple, Co-owner of Less Tax 4 Landlords delivered a candid presentation explaining that landlords that exude a positive attitude towards local authorities and those that are willing to embrace licensing would succeed, despite the political risk.

PRS landlords would succeed “particularly if they can keep borrowing below 65%, yields above 7% and, most importantly of all, stop letting the tax tail wagging the planning dog,” said Mr Gimple.

Mr Gimple also said: “What with Brexit uncertainty, Comrade Corbyn’s and MacDonald’s radical socialist agenda, the property industry press pendulum of saying all is well one day and all is woe the next, plus the media in general living up to its motto of not letting the truth get in the way of a good story, it’s hardly a surprise that there are so many differing views on what’s going to happen to the PRS.”

“This award means a lot but there’s a lot more we can do for both tenants and the industry as a whole. I intend PPP Capital to be back in contention next year and to showcase our work in other industry areas, especially after we’ve had a chance to complete our brand-new Hexagon Court development in Balham. It’s our flagship project and I hope it will set a precedent for how property development could be done, considering the changes we’re seeing in the commercial property development industry and the evolving needs of tenants,” said Mr Patel.


Sanjeev Patel
Managing Director

About PPP Capital

PPP Capital is a real estate investment company established in 2016.   It is a part of the privately owned CNG Family of Companies, which was founded in 1971.

About Hexagon Court

In early 2018, PPP Capital started work on its 20,000 square feet Build-to-Rent development in Balham. It is a new build property comprising around 4,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space with townhouses and apartments on the lower ground, ground, first, second, third and fourth floors all for the Private Rental Sector (PRS).

Hexagon Court provides a range of stylish 1, 2- & 3-bedroom apartments and townhouses in a secure development, with high-quality amenities such as WiFi included in the rent, en-suite layout and a resident’s gym. All properties benefit from outdoor space and access to on-site storage units.

Liveable homes will be available as of summer 2019.