Luxury Digs is the Build-To-Rent (BTR) division of PPP Capital, a private sector company with roots dating back to 1971.

‘Build-To-Rent’ is a term used to describe homes built especially for renters instead of the sale market. Instead of each home being owned by a different private individual, the whole building is owned and managed by LuxuryDigs, and typically financially backed by institutional or family office funding, as in our case.

The sector is currently booming due to soaring property prices leaving many people unable or unwilling to buy; plus, renting a BTR property provides so much more than renting from a private landlord. You are renting in a community of like-minded individuals, and you can enjoy fantastic amenities typically found in a hotel.

Although new BTR developments typically require more effort and expense to build, the final result is well worth it, as our residents can confirm. As property developers and managers, we take on the additional risk and expense to deliver a truly integrated living experience.

Our Hexagon Court development in Balham demonstrates our commitment to the BTR sector. It is a modern, luxurious and harmonious place to live, with superb amenities at affordable prices. It proves and exemplifies that high-quality living need not necessitate exorbitant living costs.

London’s housing crisis isn’t going anywhere fast, but with developments like Hexagon Court built to a high standard while introducing tech innovation – we hope more property developers will realise that London’s housing shortage can be alleviated through intelligent planning, higher density and better build quality that directly raises the standard of living.

For our vision to become a reality, the housing industry must raise its game and join the next generation.