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LuxuryDigs is a window into the world of Build-To-Rent (BTR) – a means of enabling the modern renter to obtain secure, stylish homes in and around London in professionally managed developments. Our mission is to create convenience within the community and deliver both luxury and security to modern residents.

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LuxuryDigs’ mission is to provide luxurious rental properties at affordable prices. To accomplish our mission, we deliver boutique ‘Build-To-Rent’ developments with modern amenities. As a differentiator to the private rental sector, where a different landlord owns every unit, we utilise our scale to manage costs.

By building and managing all its properties, LuxuryDigs can deliver top-tier amenities at affordable prices in the heart of London.


Chris and I have had the pleasure of staying at one of PPP Capital’s flats in Camberwell, London for the last 3 years.

When we first moved in, we were impressed by the ease and transparency of the process of becoming one of the tenants, this being particularly facilitated by the responsiveness to any questions we had.

Having stayed at the flat, we’ve found that when the inevitable snag arises with the property, PPP Capital are prompt, sincere and fair in wishing to resolve any issues as smoothly as possible using the online portal to communicate efficiently, and as such they represent the type of company that give landlords a very good name.

-Eleri & Chris

I cannot be more happy to say how I appreciate all the services given by PPP Capital since I have been renting my flat with this company.

I arrived in London nearly 8 years ago and found my flat very quickly! Could not be more lucky. The services given by the owner of the company and his team are really fab: the answer you in the day. If you need an engineer to come at anytime of the day/ night, they do as fast as they can.

I can just highly recommend PPP Capital if you are looking for a flat: honestly, rapidity, efficiency are few of a non-exhaustive list of qualities of this company


PPP Capital’s main qualities which set them apart (miles apart) from any other landlords we have dealt with, are their genuine care for their tenants, the way they are reliable, honest, quick and transparent regarding any situation.

They are extremely easy to reach and we have always had answers/ solutions to our questions/ problems in less than 24 hours.

Considering all the experiences we had with PPP Capital, we wouldn’t think twice about recommending it to our friends or to enquire about other of their properties in case we need to relocate.

-Gonçalo and Luis

The entire process from start to finish is one of complete clarity – the renting process can seem a little daunting and onerous sometimes, however PPP Capital make it so easy. It is professional and clear from the offset. There is a real structure in the team; from how and who to report maintenance issues to, to generate queries (which are never too small and any feedback is always welcomed. Their emails are always warm and professional – there is a clear sense of getting the job done, but also an impression of being valued as an individual who wants to make the property a home and look after it fully.
Maintenance issues always resolved with urgency and professionalism, we the tenants log the issue, we’re told when it will be tended to then informed again once it has been resolved.

This efficiency translates to the qualities of the properties. They are of an incredibly high spec: clean, modern and importantly, homes.


I have been really happy in the property I rent in Balham. The flat is lovely and when the shower started dripping, it was replaced the next day!



We are the asset management side of the PPP Capital family office. All our properties and owned and operated by ourselves. Our numerous projects include the acclaimed Hexagon Court development in Balham and multiple smaller properties across London.

Hexagon Court demonstrates our operational model of delivering urban homes in an environmentally conscious fashion where residents thrive. That development features modern, eco-friendly residential space with top-tier amenities and community-inclusive services close to the heart of London.

Our goal is to create superb, modern homes across London that residents love and for which a helpful property manager is always available to assist and deal with all their building-related issues. We’re happy to do the legwork for our residents so they can get on with enjoying life!

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For your peace of mind, we are members of the Property Redress Scheme and ARLA property mark. As a further testament to our industry-leading way of doing business, we have won several awards in recent years, including Overall Best Landlord of the Year and Family Business of the Year. is the build-to-rent brand of PPP Capital and the CNG Family of Companies, a family-owned group in the real estate, retail and business services sectors.

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