What is a LuxuryDigs Property?

Just like our name says, we provide luxury digs – luxurious rental properties that will not break the bank.

We also like to think big, which is why we’re committed to not only renting quality homes to residents but also building them from scratch. Our Hexagon Court development project demonstrates our core values and how we envisage the landlord-resident relationship should look like.

We provide clean, comfortable, modern homes that suit all preferences. Not only that, but we also deliver homes in a rather different way…

As a fundamental principle, we own every single property being offered to our rental clients. This means that we are fully committed to looking after our properties and our residents with the utmost tender love and care.

To demonstrate our approach, check out our available properties and testimonials from existing residents.

All LuxuryDigs properties are stylish, well-furnished and move-in-ready. The place you call home will be in a desirable location including well-maintained modern trimmings and amenities.

Most important of all, you will receive a premium standard of service based on a strong relationship with your landlord. A relationship based on trust, honesty and care which means you can focus on living your life, while we focus on ensuring your home looks and feels just like you want it to.

Our Bread and Butter

We understand that securing good quality accommodation in London can be tough – especially for students and working professionals that are new to the city.

Student accommodation is seasonal, and residents tend to seek out properties close to their campus. Therefore, our leasing schedule has been purposefully timed to coincide with the academic year which means we endeavour to ensure your rental agreement and stay will be smooth and cost-efficient.

We also understand that student life can be hectic and highly stressful which is why we make it a priority to take as much weight off our residents as possible.


LuxuryDigs provides all-encompassing aftercare and maintenance as standard.

In addition, we have set up a dedicated team of support staff that is committed to building long-lasting relationships.

We pride ourselves at being fantastic property managers which makes our existing residents feel secure and confident that should anything go awry during your stay, we will be there to help.