The Spirit of LuxuryDigs

At LuxuryDigs, we’re big fans of modern technology, which is why we’re keen on harnessing it for the benefit of our residents.
We equip our urban builds with the following modern amenities as standard:

  • Stylish en-suite layout
  • Digital maintenance reporting system
  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • Modern security
  • Onsite gym
  • Smart metres
  • Remote thermostats

We also ensure our residents’ living spaces are not just habitable but fantastic places to live, which people are proud to call home.
But that’s not all we do to satisfy our residents.

We’re constantly looking for how our buildings can be improved, and our residents are our first port of call in this regard.

Regular maintenance and upkeep, cleaning and future proofing are critical considerations as we seek to improve standards wherever possible. Whether coordinating a prudent response to a national health crisis or tweaking something in a building our residents call home – we are always standing by.

By nurturing harmonious relationships with our residents, we deliver a superb modern living experience creatively and efficiently. When it comes to property management, we focus on quality over quantity and objectivity over subjectivity at all times.

Attention All Students!

We understand that securing good quality student accommodation in London can be tricky – especially for students new to the city.

Student accommodation is seasonal, and residents tend to seek out properties close to their campus, while many of our properties are close to London’s prominent universities, colleges and teaching hospitals. Therefore, we’ve purposefully dovetailed our leasing schedule with the British academic year to ensure our residents’ rental agreements align with their broader life goals.

Irrespective of how hectic and stressful student life can be, our residents can depend on us to remain consistent and dependable. Our core values say everything about us.

Rest assured, you are in safe hands. Here are some of our awards: