Sanjeev Patel, Managing Director of PPP Capital says โ€œWe are delighted with how our new project in Peckham has turned out. In conjunction with our sister company, GroupSP, we have designed and built trendy & highly desirable apartments for the private rental sector (PRS), and more specifically our target market of twenty and thirty something residents looking for design led, highly specified, efficient and connected homes.โ€

He further adds โ€œWe are investing in the long term re-invigoration of Peckham, where creative retail space enhances the quality of residential life in the area, while at the same time generating returns for our investors. We have named the development Miller Loft Apartments, in respect of the bakery which previously stood at the same site.โ€

โ€œPlease see below images of our typical studio 1 bed units, providing 400 square feet of quality accommodation, with separate sleeping areas, fully specified kitchens with washer dryers and dishwashers, all by Bosch, trendy furniture and WiFi controlled heating systems. And as with all our properties, they are rented ready to move in with a complimentary set of luxurious, new, white bedding.โ€